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Join us and create unforgetable experiences during your time in Japan!

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TABICA’s trips take you to visit Japanese locals where you can share one-of-a-kind experiences!

Your host could be an expert of local forklore and culture, an artisan of a traditional craft, a Japanese organic farmers or even a geisha performer! We have over 30 hosts – a weather of different life stories to share!

Customer Review



Johor Bahru, Malaysia

"One of the best culture tours I’ve ever been!"

Tabica is such an interesting place for those who love to feel the expereince about village and traditional culture. The moment is , you can get through dive into life of locals which is so exciting! There is an attractive place to explore various kind of activities here. One of it is enjoying Ryuseikan , the Bushido dojo Master where it is very accessible from major cities in Tokyo ( Shibuya ) andyou can have one-and-only experience. This is the spirit of Japan if you’re looking for trip here!




Metro Manila, Phillippines

"Traditional Culture of Tabica"

I loved our trip to Japan because I find it really interesting to learn about the culture of different countries, and this one is the definitely one of the best.We had this day tour in Tokyo to learn how to make matcha! It was amazing to learn about the Japanese green tea and we even took a souvenir home. My friends and I love matcha, and this was one of the highlights of our trip. TABICA was really helpful for me and my friends because we visit countries for the actual experience of their tradition, not just for the photos. Highly recommended!

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